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    Meet & Greet @Ragan Park  December 5, 2020

East Tampa CAC + Partnership Input Summary Presentation | April 13, 2021

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Walking Tours - January 30th to April 24th

Thank you for participating in our East Tampa Neighborhood Walking Tours! 

From January 30th to March 6th, we were able to walk and talk with members of the ETCRA Community Advisory Committee, Neighborhood Associations, Residents and Property owners.   Each walking tour was held on a weekend morning, from 10AM to Noon, and together we covered about a 2.5 mile route to explore each neighborhood to better understand the issues that matter most to the community. 


This face to face, on-site interaction really allowed our planning team to better understand each neighborhood through your eyes and voices.   We were able to stand together at key locations and discuss the past, present and future as well as places of genuine concern, shared success and aspiration for the future.  Most importantly, we began to gain insight as to the types of ideas that might be included in the East Tampa CRA Strategic Plan Update


This information will be combined with other forms of input we are receiving, including over 325 completed community surveys from across East Tampa!

What did we Learn?

​While each neighborhood is distinct, several unifying Community Themes were brought to our attention.  While the exact application varies from neighborhood to neighborhood, we consistently heard about concerns and opportunities related to topics such as:

  • Neighborhood Safety

  • Livable Streets

  • Community Appearance

  • Parks and Recreation

  • Basic Infrastructure

  • Residential Development

  • “Daily Needs” Commercial Services

  • Partnerships and Collaboration

What’s Next?

We will be working in the coming weeks to develop a presentation and program to organize the input and Community Themes for your review, refinement and validation – and to begin to align your ideas for improvements to the Themes.  This will be the framework from which we will develop a coordinated plan of Actions, large and small, that will form the foundation of the plan


We will be compiling all the information we have received into a coordinated set of Community Themes from which we can discuss potential actions that can included in the plan.  We will be exploring what we have heard with City of Tampa Department leaders and within our technical team. 


Please stay tuned for information on our progress and next steps / events.  At each point along the way, we will be returning to the community to share our progress and get your review, feedback and refinements. 


We will be posting information on this website, briefing the ETCRA Board, Community Advisory Committee and Neighborhood Partnership.  And we will provide notifications through the MailChimp email distribution list, which now includes over 1000 addresses. 

Please keep the communication going in your neighborhood!  We will have more information for you soon.  We sincerely thank for the energy, insight and fun that we all experienced in our East Tampa Walking Tours! 

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Zoom Kick-Off | December 3, 2020

What were the items in the presentation that resonated most positively with you?

What important topics did we not emphasize enough?

What are your initial thoughts on the example illustration presented?

Community Input Summary Video Feedback

Thanks for your feedback!

Past Events

Strategic Action Plan Progress Review Presentation | September 7, 2021