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The We Are East Tampa CRA Action Plan is being created to identify the needs of both residents and businesses in East Tampa in order to create a strategy of action and investment that enhances quality of life and builds community in East Tampa. 

Project Overview

Phase I

Project Initiation

This first phase focuses on getting the project started and setting the stage for future phases. The base for the project is set during this phase, bringing together several entities such as the ETCRA and CAC with the project team as well as gathering data and setting a brand and logo for the project. This phase also sets up future avenues for public engagement building a social media presence and website platform so that the local residents, like you, can become involved and help shape the future of your community.

Phase 2

Discovery & Due Diligence

The second phase of the project focuses on discovering more about both the community and the site through a combination of public input and technical analysis. Through the public input process, the community can become involved in shaping this plan through virtual and on-site events, kids programs, walking tours, and stakeholder meetings. The Technical Analysis portion will focus on gathering planning issues, economic benchmarks, infrastructure, and housing inventory. This Discovery process will result in the development of a series of Big Themes that will guide the direction of future phases.


We want to hear from you. Be sure to check back for future public participation opportunities including public virtual events,  neighborhood walking tours, and stakeholder meetings.

Phase 3

The Strategic Action Plan

The third and final phase of the project brings everything together to create the ETCRA Strategic Update Master Plan. The project team will present the Big Themes developed through Phase 2 in a 3-day workshop to develop initial actions and catalyst sites. A preliminary CRA Strategy will be developed based on public input and input from the ETCRA and CAC including urban form, catalyst sites, economic synthesis, public infrastructure, and a financial plan to be revised as necessary.

A final ETCRA Strategic Update Master Plan will be presented to Council for adoption.

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