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East Tampa Community Redevelopment Area & Community Redevelopment Area Advisory Committee Roles, Responsibilities and Requirements

East Tampa CRA Community Advisory Committee (ETCAC)

Committee Purpose

The East Tampa Community Advisory Committee (ETCAC) is a locally elected body whose purpose is to represent the interests of residents, property owners, businesses and other stakeholders in the East Tampa Community Redevelopment Area.
Their role is to provide input and recommendations to the CRA Board and City staff concerning their community redevelopment area and annual budget. The current ETCAC was seated in October 2021 and is Chaired by Fran Tate. The ETCAC is comprised of several sub-committees that are focused on community issues, programs, and activities in the East Tampa area.

Project Purpose

The East Tampa CRA Strategic Action Plan (SAP) acts as a foundation to support development of the CRA’s vision. The current plan was adopted in 2009 and since then, the community has experienced significant economic development and change.
In 2020, the City of Tampa engaged the Community Solutions group from GAI Consultants to help the East Tampa Community Redevelopment Area develop a Strategic Action Plan. The GAI Team has been working closely with the East Tampa CRA and the community to develop the strategic action plan update and will be presenting the final report by the end of 2021

East Tampa Community Advisory Committee (ETCAC)

The ETCAC meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month at the Ragan Park Community Center (1200 E. Lake Avenue). The ETCAC provides community input and guidance for the East Tampa Strategic Action Plan.

Fran Tate (Chair)

Dominique Cobb (Vice Chair) 

Rhonda Billups (Member)

Connie Burton (Member)

Bobbie Jean Curry (Member)

Cynthia Few (Member) 

Denese Meteye James (Member) 

Jeffery Johnson (Member) 

Yevette Lewis (Member) 

Carrol Joseph Marshall (Member) 

Mida “Mimi” Martinez (Member)

Norene Copland Miller (Member) 

Clinton Paris (Member)

East Tampa CAC Information and Application Info

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