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East Tampa Community Redevelopment Area & Community Redevelopment Area Advisory Committee Roles, Responsibilities and Requirements

Frequently asked questions

What is a Community Advisory Committee?

The purpose of a Community Advisory Committee is to insure that the interests of residents, property owners, businesses and other stakeholders are represented in key decisions relating to the Community Redevelopment Plan and budget for their area. A Community Advisory Committee provides input and makes recommendations to City staff and the Community Redevelopment Agency Board concerning their Community Redevelopment area.

What are Community Redevelopment Areas and where are they located?

Community Redevelopment areas are authorized under Florida law, Chapter 163, Part III, for the purpose of overcoming slum and blighted conditions. The areas are established by City Council resolution and must meet specific criteria set forth in Chapter 163. They are funded through the increase in property values that are brought about through the redevelopment of the area.

Who serves on the Community Redevelopment Agency Board?

The Tampa City Council also serves as the City of Tampa Community Redevelopment Agency Board. This is a completely separate role and function from their City Council duties. The Community Redevelopment Agency utilizes City staff, through a contract with the City of Tampa, to conduct the work associated with implementing the Community Redevelopment Area Plan and budget for each area.

What are the qualifications to serve on a Community Advisory Committee?

Committee members must live or work in the redevelopment area and/or have significant interests within the area. Some members of each Committee should have a background or expertise in the redevelopment process, such as neighborhood planning, real estate development, and/or real estate finance. The membership should represent the diversity of stakeholders in each area.

How can I become a member of a Community Advisory Committee?

You can obtain a complete application package from the CRA Manager or department website: Tampa.gov/CRAs. Interested parties that meet the qualifications may apply by completing a Community Redevelopment Agency Advisory Committee Questionnaire and Sunshine Law and Ethics Code Acknowledgement Form and submitting to the City Clerk’s office by the application deadline. Community Advisory Committee members are voted on by the East Tampa Community Revitalization Partnership (ETCRP) and ratified by the Community Redevelopment Agency Board.

What is the length of service for an Advisory Committee member?

Terms are for 2 years. There is a limit of two consecutive, 2-year terms.

What is the time commitment involved in serving?

The East Tampa Community Advisory Committee typically meets once a month and may call special meetings as needed. The Community Advisory Committee also attends the ETCRP meeting once a month, and may choose to serve on a subcommittee. On average, CAC members spend about five hours a month, or more depending upon initiatives they volunteer to work on.

Do the Community Advisory Committees operate in the “Sunshine”?

Advisory Committees must operate in the “Sunshine” in accordance with Florida Statutes, Chapter 286. Operating in the Sunshine means that all business related to the Community Redevelopment Area must only be discussed in advertised public meetings to avoid a legal violation. This restriction is limited to discussion of Community Redevelopment Area business and does not prohibit committee members from discussing any other matters in private.

What are Conflicts of Interest?

The ability to make sound, fair decisions is sometimes affected by other interests. Since conflicts of interest are a regular part of organizational life there are specific rules to govern committee members’ actions. The key point related to conflicts of interest is that no CRA Advisory Committee member shall vote or participate in a matter that would provide them, an organization that retains them, or any close relative with any special private gain that would not also be enjoyed by others. More details can be found in “Section 13 Conflicts of Interest” from the City of Tampa Community Redevelopment Agency Community Advisory Committee policy (see attached). City staff will provide guidance to appointees regarding Conflict of Interest issues.

If I own property or a business in the Community Redevelopment Area does that mean I have a conflict of interest? Can I still serve on an Advisory Committee?

Owners of property and businesses within a Community Redevelopment Area are encouraged to participate in an Advisory Committee and this does not constitute a conflict of interest.

East Tampa CRA Community Advisory Committee (ETCAC)

Committee Purpose

The East Tampa Community Advisory Committee (ETCAC) is a locally elected body whose purpose is to represent the interests of residents, property owners, businesses and other stakeholders in the East Tampa Community Redevelopment Area.
Their role is to provide input and recommendations to the CRA Board and City staff concerning their community redevelopment area and annual budget. The current ETCAC was seated in October 2020 and is Chaired by Connie Burton. The ETCAC is comprised of several sub-committees that are focused on community issues, programs, and activities in the East Tampa area.

Project Purpose

The East Tampa CRA Strategic Action Plan (SAP) acts as a foundation to support development of the CRA’s vision. The current plan was adopted in 2009 and since then, the community has experienced significant economic development and change.
In 2020, the City of Tampa engaged the Community Solutions group from GAI Consultants to help the East Tampa Community Redevelopment Area develop a Strategic Action Plan. The GAI Team will assess the development over the last decade and work closely with the East Tampa CAC to understand community needs and future development for the East Tampa community.

East Tampa Community Advisory Committee (ETCAC)

The ETCAC meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month at the Ragan Park Community Center (1200 E. Lake Avenue). The ETCAC provides community input and guidance for the East Tampa Strategic Action Plan.
Connie Burton (Chair)
Carrol Josephs Marshall (Vice Chair)
Ricky J. Bell (Member)
Dominique Cobb (Member)
Norene Copeland Miller (Member)
Lanette Glass (Member)
Me’Shay Holiday (Member)
Jeffery Johnson (Member)
Celeste Judge (Member)
Yvette Lewis (Member)
Denese Meteye James (Member)
Clinton Paris (Member)
Lafe Thomas (Member)

ETCAC Subcommittees

The ETCAC has the following eight (8) subcommittees

in place:
Aesthetics & Beautification
Carol Ransom
Economic Development
Connie Burton
Health, Education, & Social Services
Harold Jackson / I. Williams
Denise Pate
Land Use
Yvette Lewis
Membership & Outreach
Candy Lowe
Planning & Evaluation
Norene Copeland Miller
Public Safety

Dominique Cobb                             

CAC 2021 Notice for Applications

The East Tampa Community Revitalization Partnership (ETCRP) is seeking applicants to serve on the Community Advisory Committee (CAC). The CAC is seeking members for two-year term positions.

East Tampa CAC Information and Application Info

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